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Wedding DJ in Dover Kent

Having grown up in Dover I started off with most of my weddings being in the Dover area, including venues such as Dover Castle, Solton Manor, Wallet's Cout and the Little Hougham Court Farm.

Wedding DJ at Solton Manor

Hidden away on the outskirts of Dover, in the village of East Langdon, this charming venue is an ideal wedding or coroporate function venue. With a separate stage area I was able to setup before the meal hidden behind the curtain.

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Wedding DJ at the Whitfield Club

Like any village hall type building the Whitfield Club has the facilities for most type of functions. Due to its location, there is a sound limiter in the venue but I didn't find this to be a problem.

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Dover Castle

The iconic Dover Castle certainly lends itself for a photo friendly venue. The main wedding was in the keep and I setup in advance of the meal at the back so it was all ready to go for teh evening reception once they'd finished.

Little Hougham Court Farm

This was a venue I didn't know existed until I was asked to provide a wedding DJ service here a few years ago. Tucked away just off the A20, in the shadow of the aerial masts, the Little Hougham Court Farm is a marquee in a field giving you the perfect backdrop and away from the urban areas of Dover.

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