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Blog - Mobile disco lighting

Posted: Tuesday 31st May 2016 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 1 mins Views: 3319

Every now and again I get asked what lighting I use for my events. Its an interesting question to ask as its easy for me to reel off a list of the various models of lights that I use.

However, I know that most of my clients arent experts on the various types of disco lighting available, so the challenge for me is to explain in clear English. So here goes

I have a range of lights that I use, with the usual lights being the ones in the photo below.

Mobile Disco lighting

These are par cans and scanners/barrels, which provide a range of effects for the dance floor. In plain English, I have flashing lights and moving ones.

All my lights are computer controlled so I can change the routines to suit the environment. For any slow dances such as the first dance I tend to slow everything down by putting the par cans (the ones that provide the colour) to a static red and the scanners/barrels to a slow rotation.

Strobe lighting is possible using my lights but I tend to only use strobing for school discos. I can configure the speed of the strobing and have them below the recommended threshold advised by the Health & Safety Executive (which is 4 flicks per second very fast!).

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