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Blog - Marquee events

Posted: Wednesday 16th September 2015 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 2 mins Views: 3419

After working in a couple of marquees this summer I thought Id offer some tips from my viewpoint if youre considering using a marquee.

Marquees can be a very good idea for weddings and parties. And I say that as someone who used a marquee for my own wedding.

Mobile disco setup in a marquee

There are plenty of options to consider when choosing a marquee, beyond the first and obvious choice of the size required. As well as providing enough space for all the tables youll need space for the dancefloor and DJ/band. Sometimes the top table will be placed on the dancefloor, so time will be required to dismantle this before the first dance can take place.

Interior decoration can make a huge difference, from the lighting to side panels. Uplighting is very popular and can offer the option of adding colour to the marquee. I would advise considering a star roof over the dancefloor. Yes itll add to the budget, but the effect it adds really makes it worthwhile during the evening.

Electricity is a crucial requirement for anyone working inside the marquee, and its not just us DJs that need it; the caterers, bar and any other entertainment will no doubt require it. Its always worth checking what the power requirements are in advance to make sure a big enough supply is provided and the correct number and type of power sockets.

You may also need to think about noise. Inside a building you, usually, get nice shielding from the brick walls to avoid unnecessarily disturbing the neighbours. With a marquee you dont get this so youll need to consider how the noise will effect neighbours, which may mean reducing the volume of the DJ/band or finishing earlier than you previously anticipated.

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