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Blog - Wedding Ceremony Music

Posted: Friday 20th July 2012 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 1 mins Views: 4884

Whenever I provide the music for the wedding ceremony I find it interesting to see the variety of music that is chosen.

Sometimes the music selection is a varied mix of songs from across the decades, what I like to call a 'Radio 2 playlist', something for everyone. This gives me a chance to play songs that people like but aren't particularly good to dance to.

On the other hand, there's the traditional music for weddings which is always nice to hear, a certain elegance about it. There are some tracks that just seem traditional for the wedding ceremony;
Bach - Air on a G String
Handel - Zadok The Priest
Pachelbel - Canon in D#
Verdi - The Four Seasons (Spring)

From my point of view it's always good to have a bit of variety. Playing the same music all the time would become boring very quickly. Although I have my usual few tracks lined up it's always useful to have requests to break up the day and evening.

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Posted By: jack Date: 01/08/2013 08:07
Air on a G String

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