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Blog - Introducing the First Dance

Posted: Saturday 7th July 2012 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 1 mins Views: 4002

The first dance is one of the key moments on the wedding day. And it's important to get it right.

Many couples devote a lot of time choosing the right sone to play, and there are certainly plenty to choose from (here are some examples).

For those of us that aren't confident at dancing there's the option of having dance lessons. I'd certainly recommend that idea.

But one thing often gets overlooked; the introduction - who should announce the first dance? I always suggest to my bride and grooms that they nominate someone to deliver a personal message to make the special moment ever more magical. It doesn't have to be another speech, I'm sure most guests will have had enough of speeches by that point, a small dedication from a friend or relative will add that little bit extra.

Of course, I can always introduce the first dance. I have years of experience of making announcements, however I prefer the first dance introduction to be more than just an announcement.

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