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Posted: Friday 15th September 2017 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 1 mins Views: 3022

Its certainly true that technology is great when it works but a nightmare when it doesnt. Last summer I had the joys of fixing equipment so can speak from bitter experience.

Mobile DJ equipment

Thankfully the broken speaker was easy as I took that to the manufacturer in Sussex for a professional repair; this was beyond my masking tape style repairs! And because Ive got backup speakers I was able to continue almost un-noticed (my back noticed the heavier speakers).

When my computer broke that was a different story; that opened my eyes to the new technology available. I was able to revert to my backup devices and continue DJing while I got a new machine up and running. Thankfully Im prepared for this and always have more than one device with me for this very reason.

But what I learnt last summer is how much DJ technology has progressed in the last few years without me noticing.

Ive been using a controller for my software that has been discontinued for a number of years. It works perfectly well and Ive had no reason to replace it up until now. Because its not supported on newer versions of Windows Ive had to look into replacing it and now have a combined controller and mixer - a Denon MCX8000 - on my to purchase list.

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