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Blog - Simian Mobile Disco

Posted: Saturday 28th January 2017 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 1 mins Views: 3165

I've seen an increase of searches for "Simian Mobile Disco" and became intrigued by what this was.

Thinking it was a new fad, I thought I'd better check to make sure I don't fall behind the times or at least understand why I don't want to adopt this new fad.

But alas, Simian Mobile Disco is not a new fad for DJs. They are in fact electronic duo James Fordand Jas Shaw from London.

According to Wikipedia they've been around (as a duo) since 2003, with varying chart success.

So there you have it, no new gimmick for mobile DJs. Back to looking at other projects for me to look into for 2017, which includes a new DJ controller...

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